Friday, September 05, 2014

Say What?

Putting Keaton to bed I said "Tomorrow you get to go to school and see Steven, (he was excited) then tomorrow night we are going camping. He said "Good because Steven loves muscles and sex!" It took a lot of questioning to figure out where that came from, finally I realized he was trying to say Steven likes Marshmallows and sticks. When I explained Steven was not going camping with us so he would not get to make smore's, Keaton was bummed.

Ruby "When you walk into preschool are you going to start singing.. I'm bringing sexy back?"
Keaton "No, I'm gonna say ummmm, ummm"
Ruby "You are going to say ummm, ummm?"
Keaton "No, Im gonna say where's my mom?"

Keaton "Mom! You should have a penis like me and Dad."
Me "Why?"
Keaton "Cuz then you could go pee in the toilet with your penis."

Any/time of 2013
If you ask Keaton not to hit something or not throw something he says "I not will."

Driving back from Utah
Haley "Mom, if you are uncomfortable you can have my STD pillow."
(her pillow fell on the floor at the hotel so she wouldnt touch it)
Keaton "I want to use your S…T….D pillow! (she handed it to him)
A couple of hours later Keaton handed her pillow back to Haley.
"Looks like the STD pillow just became the STD…PBJ pillow"

7/14/14 In the middle of the utah at the Golden Spike monument
Haley "I totally understand now why Dante needed to have so many different Hells.

Lucy "I may not know much about baseball, but I know they have really long hot dogs."

Haley "Green is my favorite color."
Keaton "It is not, actually."
(Haley's favorite color is blue and Keaton called her on it)
Keaton "Moma, I wove you big!"

Ruby talking to Keaton "Why have a tooshie if you are not going to let your sisters squishy it?"

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's true, he's TWO!

My little man is big!

 I don't like that he is growing up so fast, but I love the little boy he is. Keaton has been such a blessing in our home. With three teen/tween girls that tend to take everything too seriously, Keaton makes us all talk like fools sing songs about going potty and ask for endless hugs and kisses from him. If any of us dosent make it home before he goes to bed we are devastated we didn't get to tell him goodnight. When he wakes up there is a stampede up the stairs to see who can get him first. 
We all can't get enough of Keeter boy!

He scored on the gifts. He got a Thomas train starter set (he calls the Choo choo). He some little airplanes, and a base ball stand from the Nearons (he's quite the hitter).

He also got an oot ball! He loves watching oot ball with Daddy.

Lucy and Ruby made Elmo cupcakes for his birthday (he is a HUGE fan of Elmo).

He really didn't eat it much at all, but thought it was an awesome face paint!

Happy Birthday...
Keeter boy
Little Dude

We love you!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Whippet Reunion

Two of Penelope's litter mates (Wally & Lawrence) came up to visit and spend time with their sister and their Mom (Charlotte). Wally and Lawrence were both adopted buy Mike Christa Beebout. They all drove up from Elk Grove Ca to clock in some whippet family time.

(Mike holding Wally and Lawrence. Haley holding Lala, Ruby holding Penelope, Jaime Sage holding Charlotte and Indy)

After Lala watched how the boys played with frisbees, she literally jumped right in. We learned that Lala has some seriously mad frisbee skills!

The dogs had a blast chasing each other and running all over the property.

It was pretty sad when it was time for them to go home. They definitely remembered their family members and were so happy to be back together... it was hard to split them up.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The first day of school!

Lucy is starting 5th grade and will be home schooled this year for the first time. She is super excited about being home schooled, I hope it stays that way!

Ruby is starting Seventh grade (middle school) and will be starting at a new school. I have NEVER seen her so nervous about school as today.

Haley is starting tenth grade. She seems happy and relaxed about school.

Kinda funny watching my two mormon girls walking into their Catholic school. We have really loved this school for Haley so we can't wait for Ruby to have this experience.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

1st Time "Official" Camping

Ruby has been begging to go camping for some time now. We went camping in KOA cabins a year or so ago, but she said that was not real camping. Eric and I are not big fans of camping so we were not too excited to purchase and plan a tent camping trip. Ruby told us that she was an abused and neglected child because ALL her friends go camping with their parents. We explained that we like "camping" in a big ship in the Caribbean... she did not find that funny.

 The last time the girls got their teeth cleaned at the dentist, the hygienist came up to me and told me how much Ruby wanted to go camping. Then she gave me a little speech about how good camping is for kids and she suggested some great places to camp nearby. This was the moment I realized we needed to take Ruby camping soon or we would be paying for her therapy. So we planned a camping trip with our good friends the P family.

Other then a tent and sleeping bags we have no camping supplies so we stopped by Phil's Frosties for dinner on the way to the camp site. 

It took us a little time, but we got the tent up without any drama.

We actually had a blast camping , except for baby in a tent with no crib. I was told it was too cold to have Keets in a pack n play, he needed to be in a sleeping bag to stay warm. I was worried all night that he was either going to suffocate or freeze to death so I could not sleep. Every time he moved I had to check on him. It was a very long night. I felt so relieved when the sun started coming up because the end was in sight.

The 6 girls were in a tent next to us. They did not want to fall asleep at night then in the morning they did not want to wake up. Once they couldn't ignore my singing and walking on them, they woke up but would not get out of their bags because it was "too cold".

The P family (hard core campers) came with all their gear and cooked a gourmet breakfast burritos for everyone.

Then we all headed to the Rogue for a day of rafting.
I always love rafting, even with no sleep.

There were three families rafting in 2 1/2 boats. We love everyone that was there but I have to say some of the adults (the ones that are camping masters) were rafting woosies.  As soon as the squirt guns cam out they paddled as fast as they could and we did not see them until the end of the ride. 

Sunday, August 04, 2013

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