Friday, June 29, 2012

He is 9 months old today!


We've been waiting and waiting for our wellsummers to start laying. Finally today we got two eggs! They are such a rich dark brown color they look fake, but I LOVE them. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lucy's birthday party

Lucy wanted to see Brave with her friends for her birthday... so we did!

It was a little crazy... I should say a couple of the girls were crazy but overall we had a great time.

Monday, June 25, 2012

It's a first!

I heard Keets wake up from his nap so I opened the door to grab him and found him standing up in his crib! He gave me this cute "I'm so proud" smile with his one eye crusted shut (yes, that duct is still clogged).

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Penelope's first show

I drove all four kids and Penelope up to Canby (outside Portland) for a dog show so Penelope could compete in the puppy competition and Ruby could watch the junior handlers competition.  The puppy competition was Friday night and it was cold and starting to rain. Whippets do not like cold and hate rain so we crossed our fingers it would clear up.

We met Peggy (from Starline whippets) that came to show Penelope. She had two of her whippets with her and they were beautiful. 

Peggy explained that whippets are sight hounds and she needed Penelope's full attention during the show. She asked us to go far away where she couldn't see us.  I found this little supply room and Ruby, Lucy and I waited for the show to begin.

Right before the show it started pouring rain. I sent Haley out to sneak and get a photo from behind a wall. Penelope lasted a little over five minutes in the ring. She was cold, terrified and wanted nothing to do with it so Peggy carried her out of the ring. 

Ruby was really bummed but understood. It's important that puppies have fun when they show so Peggy did not want to push her at all. Penelope was so cold she rode in the stroller snuggled in my down jacket.

As we walked past the stage where they take the photos of the winning dogs Ruby posed with Penelope. Hopefully Ruby and Penelope will enjoy the next show more :)

I was wondering if the girls would even want to go to another show because this was so... well,  not what we expected. Then on the drive home Haley started talking about how she wants a whippet and wants to show it. Then she was telling me what she was going to name the puppies when she breeds her dog. She asked if we would get her a whippet for her birthday. I asked her if she was on drugs.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to me :)

Today I turned 40. 
I really wanted it to come and go without even thinking about it... but I woke up to fake flowers, huge fly swatters, pink flamingos and happy birthday signs all over our front gate!

Then when I came back from running errands I beautiful flowers that my mom sent and this awesome cake my girls made for me (and the kitchen was clean)!

Had my photo taken in front of the birthday quilt.
Then Eric and I went out to dinner and he realized just as we got there that he forgot his wallet. We drove home and our house was full of friends and my favorite thai food!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lucy's 9 today!!!

Happy Birthday Lucy!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bow ties for everyone

Happy Father's day to the most amazing dad ever!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Eric's man trip

Eric went on a big fishing trip with seven friends and caught 3 sturgeons(all were keepers). He had a great time and we now have a freezer full of fish.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 "This totally sucks, I have to do all my chores now." Haley

"What? You have always had to do your chores." Me

"Now that Ruby has her dog,  she won't let me pay her to do mine anymore." Haley

Monday, June 11, 2012

Friday, June 08, 2012

Ruby's big idea

I don't remember exactly when she first mentioned that she wanted to get her own dog, but it was well over a year ago. Once Ruby decided she needed her own dog she was obsessed.  Constantly talking about what kind of dog she wanted, spending tons of time on the computer looking at puppies for sale, posting pictures of dogs for sale over her bed. One day she found a dog online before school and when she came back from school it had been sold. She cried and cried. Finally I told her that I didn't want to burst her bubble... but there was NO WAY we were getting another dog. I was pregnant and not feeling well and would soon have a little baby that was a ton of work.  We had Cami and she was still a puppy and still needing lots of attention and training. I told her that she could be Cami's trainer and she really took it to heart playing and "training" her almost everyday. She asked if after the baby was born if she could get her own dog.  Not beating around the bush the answer was always "NO".

One day Ruby frustrated said "Then I will save up my own money and buy my dog". I told her that was a great idea and she could save her money so she could buy a dog when she moves out :)

She started hustling to make money. Selling eggs, babysitting, stacking firewood... she even cut a deal with Haley to do her chores for a fee. After several months of this Eric said to me "I know we don't need another dog, but seeing how hard she is working for this dog I can't tell her no anymore."  I REALLY did not want another inside pet, but I kind of agreed with him. She had looked at lots of dogs online and decided that she needed to save up $1,000 to get the kind of dog she wanted. After lots of hard work she had saved up a lot but was still discouraged she would never make it to 1,000. Eric made a deal with her and said he would match whatever money she saved up. After lots of hard work and Eric matching it she saved $1200. I kept telling her she could get a dog at the pound for $100, but she was not interested.

On May 12th my mom was in town and we took her to Jacksonville to go shopping. While shopping we ran into a lady with a beautiful little whippet puppy. Ruby immediatley sat on the floor and started loving the dog (it eventually fell asleep on her). Eric and I talked to the owner and found out that she was from the bay area and had driven up to Jacksonville to pick up this puppy from a local breeder. Ruby was pulling on me saying "I want a whippet, can we go see the puppies?"  I asked if the breeder had anymore dogs and she said there was only one left but she was not for sale because the breader wanted to show her. I asked if I could get the breeders info so I could ask if she knew of any other whippet litters available and she gave me her info. She also showed me this photo on her phone of the litter. Ruby was dying with excitement.

I called the breeder the next day and left a message but did not hear back from her. I explained to Ruby that she probably did not want to be bothered with us because she only had a show puppy left and it was not for sale.

A week later I got a call from the breeder Jaime. She told me that whippets are very hard to get and you need to get on a waiting list. She also explained that she is involved with the top whippet program (Starline) in the country and in order for her to recommend us to one of the breeders she would need to come meet us. I knew we would never pass, but invited her and her dogs to come over anyway. Jaime loved our yard and her dogs were in heaven having so much space to run and chase each other. We talked a lot and most of the time Ruby was playing with the show puppy or holding it on her lap. She said that she thought our family and property would be a great fit and she would recommend us to a lady that had a great litter due soon and the puppies would be ready in September. I explained that we really wanted to get it at the beginning of summer so Ruby could train it and bond with it. If we got it right when school was back in session it would not work.  She said she would call around but did not think that was possible.

When Jaime left Ruby was really sad because she realized the possibility of getting a whippet before September was extremely slim. This was Ruby and the puppy as we were talking. She really was an adorable little dog.

That night as I was going to bed there was an email from Jaime saying that as she was driving home she just kept feeling like she should let Ruby buy Sidney (the show puppy). She explained that because she is pregnant (Jaime) she will not have the time that Ruby will have to love this dog and work with her. She also said that she had her own dog as a girl and knows what a special bond that is. Her show dogs normally sell for $2000, but if we would agree to let her show the dog Ruby could have her for $1500. Part of the agreement would be that in a couple of years we would breed Penelope and Jaime gets the pick of the litter then Ruby could sell the rest.

I read the email and my heart was racing. I could not even believe what she was offering and I could not wrap my head around letting our 11 year old spend $1500 on a dog! I read the email to Eric and we talked and talked about it (but did not say a word to Ruby). The next day I called Jaime and asked her tons and tons of questions and discussed our concerns. She talked to me about the possibility of Ruby becoming a junior handler and showing the dog. Eventually we all felt like it was the right decision and broke the news to Ruby. She was in total shock and really excited about possibly getting to show her and decided her name was going to be Princess Penelope.

Jaime said this was her favorite of the litter and the best temperment she has seen in a whippet puppy. On May 22nd we got to go pick up Penelope. Jaime expected to cry her eyes out when we drove away but she was so happy about the situation she was not sad at all.

On the drive home Ruby kept talking to Penelope saying "Hi Penelope, I'm your mom"... and  "I can't believe this is happening"... "wow".

This photo was taken right after we got home. They both seemed equally excited about the new arrangement. 

A couple of days later we went to the pet store to get some more food and all the dog clothes were 75% off. So... Penelope got some fashion options.

Jaime has come by a few times to show Ruby how to train and bring training supplies. She has really been awesome. You can tell how much Jaime loves this little puppy!

Not that long ago I was telling Ruby no more dogs! I can't believe all the things that have happened since. I have to say that Penelope is an extremely sweet dog and probably the greatest thing to happen to Ruby. Ruby is going to her first show with Penelope in a few weeks. Penelope will be shown by someone from Starline so that Ruby can see how it all works. She will also take a junior handlers class so that she can do it in the future.

Ruby has always said she wants to be a veterinarian. Watching her dedication and passion for this dog, I know this is just the begining of great things!

Did I mention you can checkout the latest photos and videos of Princess Penelope Palmer on Facebook, she has her own page... like all the top models :) 

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