Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Living room... before/after

The living room is not totally done yet as we still need to do windows treatments and change the mantel on the fireplace.  



Yes that is an exotic dance pole in the living room window. Don't you have one in your living room?

It's ok we don't have one either, we requested that the pole was removed before closing.



Friday, July 30, 2010

The kitchen & breakfast area... before/after


We really have not made any changes to the kitchen other then new bar stools and filling the counters with fruit.


We took out the rose pink blinds and put in white, that in itself made a HUGE difference. Then just new paint all around. Eventually we will replace the country blue tile floor (that the girls refer to as our pool).

My favorite thing about this room is the up close and personal bird watching and chicken waddling that we experience while eating.

The stairs... before/ after


New carpet. New paint. Painted the spindles white. Eric took out the country blue tile and replaced it with natural stone tile.


(Kind of... I still need to hang the pictures on the upstairs wall)

This is the top of the stairs that opens to the family room below. We painted the huge knotty pine ceiling white, but left the beams wood. 


Monday, July 26, 2010

Utah road trip

We drove to Utah to visit my Mom and so Haley and Lucy could attend camps. While we were in Utah Cheyenne flew home to visit family and friends for a couple of weeks.

We went to This is the place state park

We learned how the pioneers lived

We went to the Alpine slide in Park City

We took the kids to Cowabunga bay (a water park)

Lucy and Ali attended a gymnastics camp at BYU

Eric, Ruby and I went to the soda fountain at the SOS pharmacy in Springville and got chocolate malts(after hitting a few quilt shops in the area). 

We got to visit our friends from New Orleans that now live in Utah. It cracked me up that Eric and Adam were dressed the same...

...and Dori and I were wearing the same shirt in different colors! I love these guys and their daughter Melaina. 

Haley and Melaina went to a girls camp at Utah state called Retreat for girls, It was outstanding. 

This was Haley's councilor. What a difference this week made in Haley's life. 

While up in Logan after picking up Haley from camp, we got to visit our old neighbors (from Medford). We had dinner with their cute family and then went ice blocking.

My kids had never been ice blocking so they thought this was the coolest thing ever!

On the drive home we stopped at the sand dunes on the side of the road and let the girls play. When they got back in the car they said that was the best part of the whole trip and asked when we can drive back to Utah.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Haley's 1st trip to the temple

Haley and Anna's 12th birthdays were so close that they both got to go to the temple for the first time together. Our youth go to the temple regularly to do temple baptisms, which is also referred to as baptisms for the dead. I know that sounds scary, but I can assure you is does not involve digging up graves.

What are baptisms for the dead you ask...
Jesus Christ taught that baptism is essential to the salvation of all who have lived on earth (see John 3:5). Many people, however, have died without being baptized. Others were baptized without proper authority. Because God is merciful, He has prepared a way for all people to receive the blessings of baptism. By performing proxy baptisms in behalf of those who have died, Church members offer these blessings to deceased ancestors. Individuals can then choose to accept or reject what has been done in their behalf.

I stole the above information from the church web site HERE, you can go to that link if you want more information about baptisms for the dead.

This was a great experience for me too, I had several family names from my Dad's side that had not been baptized and I got to watch Haley get baptized for people I remember.  I was really glad I was asked to go as a leader and help out because it was a wonderful experience. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy birthday Haley!

On Haley's 12th birthday she woke up in Grandma's bed... with the birthday quilt of course!

Since were were at Grandma's house we had a little birthday party with all the cousins.

I still can't believe my little Haley has braces and is 12 years old!!!

Happy Birthday Haley!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Right now we have two trees full of beautiful pie cherries... but I am not a big fan of cherry pie. So if anyone wants to come pick cherries you can have all you want. Or if you have a good recipe for pie cherries, please share.

I must say it is hilarious watching the chickens jump up to eat the lower cherries. The chickens LOVE the cherries. So unless I get a good recipe or something soon... we are going to have pink chickens!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Grandma's busy schedule

Every morning Grandma wakes up and clocks in some bird watching time on the porch.  We have tons of super cool birds so she has been documenting (in her book) all the new birds she has seen.

Then it's off to the farmers market for fresh fruits and vegetables... the funny thing is we only buy pastries, cookies, crepes and an eclairs. 

Grandma is a serious multitasker. She can knit booties (she is making them for all the girls), watch her favorite TV show and rest all at the same time. I need to figure out her secret!

The booties have been such a hit with the girls, Grandma is teaching Haley how to make them. Once again she was multitasking... teaching a knitting class and coaching Ruby on Wii skiing at the same time.

She seemed to know so much about how to play the Wii the right way, Haley challenged 
her to a tennis game. 

Grandma quickly realized it's not as easy as it looks, but she didn't give up.

I really hope we don't wear her out!

Friday, July 02, 2010

The power of mud

Ruby and Lucy were outside today casually discussing why they think Ruby was adopted (she was not). I went over to check out the mud pies they were making and snap some quick pics. As soon as Lucy saw me with the camera she busted out this super mud-girl pose.

Ruby on the other hand gracefully put up her hands and struck a "modeling" pose.  I love these girls personalities. They are always entertaining.

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