Saturday, September 29, 2012

Keaton's 1st year

One year ago today this bright happy little guy joined our family. It's funny to think that when the girls first met him they were kinda scared of him and now they fight over him more then anything else!

Here's a look at how he has grown over the past 12 months

We love you Keeter!

Happy Birthday!

Good morning Birthday boy!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Keaton's 1st birthday party!

To celebrate the little man in style we had...

And a wild ball pit :)

... wild bounce house for the older kids

Lots of cake

 And lots of friends!

Happy Birthday little man!

Keaton's eye surgery

After 12 months of a goopy, crusty eye, Keaton had a stent placed in his left tear duct. He's grumpy and tired but the procedure went well. Whew.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Identity confusion

I'm pretty sure Keaton thinks he is a dog. Somehow he even thinks their food will taste better then his.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ruby's first show

Ruby, Lucy, Keaton and I drove up to Eugene so Ruby could participate in a dog show in Brownsville. Penelope's breeder Jaime also came to show Penelope and Charlotte (Penelope's mom). Jaime came to our hotel room the night before with cake balls to wish Ruby good luck and to give Penelope a pedicure. Penelope was SOOO excited to soo Jaime!

Also attending this show was Carol. Carol has been grooming and showing dogs for over 40 years and she has been teaching Ruby all about showing and being a junior handler this summer. She is an excellent teacher and exactly what Ruby needed.

On Saturday Jamie showed Penelope in the 6-9 month bitch and she took first place.

She also took first place on Sunday.

Penelope was surrounded by her canine family. From top to bottom this is Penelope, Charlotte (her mom) and Lawrence (her brother).

Ruby trying not to be nervous before her first show.

Ruby showed Penelope as a Junior Handler on Saturday and Sunday(after church) and took first place both days. What a huge confidence booster this was for her.

I'm sooo proud of this girl! She worked so hard all summer and pushed through her fears to do the show and she was amazing. All the training really paid off for Penelope too, she looked great in the ring.

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