Monday, April 27, 2009

Eric's surprise

I can always tell when Eric is going through withdrawals and needs a fix.  He starts checking prices and figuring out when he can get off work and looking up parade/ firework schedules then the next thing I know we end up here... the happiest place on earth.

The kids had no idea where we were going until we got in the car to leave. Of course they were thrilled to say the least.  This time we were lucky enough to have a room that faced the park, so Eric moved one of the beds to the window and the girls we watched the fireworks from bed.  We opened up the window and had a great view of the show, there is even a station on the TV that plays the music for the firework show.

We had breakfast with all our favorite characters.

This is Lucy breaking our hearts as she explained how she knew there were just people in the costumes and not "real" characters. So sad.

Haley's favorite ride is currently space mountain and she talked Ruby into trying it out. I was so worried that Ruby would be scared out of her mind, but this photo is proof she had her hands in the air and was smiling, I couldn't believe it.  

We finally decided to endure the long line for the Nemo ride. We have heard this ride is a waste of time so we went on it with really low expectations.  We actually all really enjoyed it. 

Much to Eric's dismay, there was lots of pin trading.  Our friends Ms. Marci and Mr. Jim (expert pin traders) met us at the park one day to share their knowledge of pin trading with the girls. Haley especially LOVED having them there.   

Haley has been trying to collect the entire series of little characters and she finally got them all!  Once she had them all she said "Great, now I can trade them for a different series". 

Haley and Lucy expressing themselves

One of Lucy's highlights was "driving" her suitcase.    

Overall this was a great trip. I tend to get a little overwhelmed with multiple long days at Disneyland but I didn't this time. I think the cool weather made it easier and being able to watch the fireworks from the room was the best!

***If you were wondering about Ruby's black eye in the photos: The day before we left Ruby and Lucy got in an argument in the car and Lucy took off her shoe and hit Ruby in the eye. 

Lucy is like the nursery rhyme with the little girl with the curl right in the middle of her forehead...
when she is good she is very, very good, but when she is bad she is horrid. 

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Library today...

A wedding dress and black high heel boots to the library? 

*Note to self- check what Lucy is wearing before leaving the house*

Monday, April 20, 2009


4/20/09 Haley speaking to Ruby "I can replace you! I will go the orphanage and show them a picture of you. They will find a girl that looks like you and I will cut her hair like yours and tell her that I changed her name to Ruby. Then Bravo- you have been replaced!

4/19/09 "Mom, will you buy me one of those books on tape or on CD?" Haley
"You have so many books in your room, why do you want one on tape" Me
"I get really frustrated when I take a bath and I can't read" Haley

"That's awkward" Haley's new phrase (spoken like a teenager).

4/15/09 When I woke up Haley this morning she said "Mom, I really don't think I can make it to school today, I feel lousy."

So I asked "Why do you feel lousy?"
She said "Because I have PE today."

"Mom, you look kinda like a bus" Lucy
"Why do you think I look like a bus?" Me
"I'm not really sure, you just do" Lucy

This was a conversation I overheard between Ruby and her good friend Ellie.
"OK...I will tell you what my REAL dream is, but you can't tell anyone" Ruby
"I promise, I wont" Ellie
"I am going to be a famous singer, a star!" Ruby
"But, that's my dream... I am going to be a famous singer!" Ellie
"No, I decided on it 1st" Ruby
After several minutes of discussing this dilemma they decided to start a band and spent the rest of the day writing and singing their songs.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The best disguise ever

No one ever looks for the cookie dough in the cottage cheese container... shh, don't tell.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

We we lucky enough to be invited to the country club by the coolest lady that Eric works with and her husband. Her children are grown up and she said it wouldn't be Easter without kids.... luckily we have kids so we we got to go. They had a great buffet breakfast and an Easter hunt for all the children.

Lucy got to do the egg hunt on the putting green for children 5 and under.

She scored some serious eggs!

Haley & Ruby were with the big kids out on the golf course. They each came back with about 6-8 eggs.

Haley was not thrilled about the lack of eggs for the older kids. When Lucy saw how few eggs they found she immediately said , "Oh I have a bunch" and filled up their baskets with her eggs. I was really disappointed in Haley's reaction, but thrilled with Lucy's willingness to share.

After church we went to Grandpa Ken and Grandma Natalie's house for a wonderful ham dinner and another Easter egg hunt.

This hunt was serious business. There were tons of eggs (about 300) hidden all over the yard.

It was fast and intense.
When it was over Haley was very happy with her basket contents and said "Now that was a egg hunt!"
Ruby with her findings. I just love her smile right now. I have no idea how she is able to eat, but I am loving the jack-a-lantern smile!

All the cousins that battled in the field during the hunt. Everyone had a great time and had a filled basket.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The big reveal...

When Haley was in kindergarden I purchased a large 16x20 Canvas frame and asked her to paint a portrait of our family, I had no idea that I was starting a tradition that we would all love so much.

Haley took 2 weeks, working every day to create her portrait of our family:

A few years later when Ruby was five she took 3 days to create her portrait of our family:

Lucy is now the big five year old of the house so I bought her a canvas. 

With my urging to take her time, Lucy took about 2 hours to create this beautiful masterpiece complete with glitter in the sky.  

The artist hard at work in the creation process...

These painting are seriously some of my favorite things in our house, I just love them! 
I can't wait to see all three hanging together. 

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Jenks Lake hike

Eric had the weekend off so we decided to do a family hike.  Online Eric found a hike in the San Bernardino mountains that was only about 2 miles long and had a lake at the end. So we headed up the mountain.  It was much colder then I expected, we actually walked past a couple of little patches of snow still on the ground. 

Ruby and Lucy loved all the different types of moss and collected samples of all of them. 

Ruby was finding lots of little rocks to add to her rock collection at home. She kept dropping then in the hood of her sweatshirt.

The funniest part of the hike was when we finally made it up to the lake there were several people fishing and a parking lot right next to the lake.  Haley looked at the parking lot and said "You mean we could have just DRIVEN up here... why did you made us hike it?" She was a little bugged.

The girls and Eric ventured out onto a fallen tree in the middle of the lake. I was sure someone was going to fall in the freezing water, but Eric and Ruby came back completely dry.  Haley and Lucy both had one soggy shoe and pant leg. They were trying to pass each other and had a little complication.

Towards the end of the hike Ruby had found so many beautiful rocks her arms were full.  It looked like we were punishing her filling her arms with big rocks and making her climb a mountain, but she refused to put any down and carried them all the way to the car. 

After the hike we went to A&W at the bottom of the mountain and got root beer floats. With all the complaining we heard on the hike, when Lucy was drinking her float she said "This is the best day ever!". 

Friday, April 03, 2009


Child #1
I took Haley to the Mall to look for an Easter dress that she will wear (an impossible task).  I found a very simple blue top and a cool blue water colored skirt- Perfect I thought!  Haley said she Loved them. Score!  

When Haley tried them on in the dressing room she said she felt uncomfortable in the skirt because it was too short.  I told her it that skirts get shorter for Summer because it gets hotter, and that the skirt touched her knee. She said "I just feel so immodest".  No Easter dress yet.

Child #2
I was sitting in the office (computer at the end of the hall) when Ruby said "Hey Mom, turn around and We'll give you a fashion show. The 1st outfit was a small scarf that she had turned into a dress, followed by a topless outfit with high heeled boots. Here is one of the outfits that I took a photo of after I grabbed my camera.


Child #3 
There are no photos of Lucy because none of her outfits covered enough of her for me to feel comfortable posting a photo of them.

How have all three girls come from the same home?

Thursday, April 02, 2009


"Was that YOUR fault?" The 1st thing Haley said after the tires stopped screeching and we hit a car turning left in front of us. 

At dinner... "Mom, were you really mad you crashed your car?" Lucy
"Not really, accidents happen" Me
"Ya, only people with Nice, CLEAN cars get mad when they crash". Ruby

***FYI- We are all fine. My car has minimal damage and I had the right of way, so it was not my fault.

"Whenever I talk it's exciting, but as soon as I stop I could take a nap." Ruby
"So talking makes you tired?" Me
"No, I just get tired of me talking." Ruby

"TRINITY JEWEL GET OVER HERE NOW!!!" A Mom 3 isles over in Target calling her poor child with an unfortunate name. 

"Haley did you finish crocheting the scarf you sold?" Eric
"No she choose to read a book the whole way to and from Disneyland instead" Me (Yes I was bugged, since she was a way late in delivering it)
" I was reading a CHURCH BOOK!!! You should be happy I wasn't reading a gangster book and saying "YO YO Mama!" Haley

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