Friday, July 29, 2011


While driving through Yellowstone park
Lucy "Mom, who even knows what Old faithful is?"
Ruby" I know... it's a breakfast place."

Later in the day...
Haley "This is the 2nd worst birthday I have ever had."
Mom "What was your first worst birthday?"
Haley "When I had a staph infection in my toe the day of my swim party and couldn't swim."
Mom "Oh ya, that was horrible. I don't think we will ever be able to top that."

Eric "I'm so thankful I know how to wear deodorant." (The 1st thing Eric said after walking in the door from doing scout physicals,)

Ruby "On the lake we saw this OLD man going crazy on a sea-doo... he was spinning and everything and... he was totally old!
Haley "Old either means you are about to die or you have tons of experience."

We were walking out the door to go to the pool. I was wearing a black maternity swim top with blue bottoms and Haley was walking behind me.

Haley "Mom, I love you and I don't want to hurt your feelings but all I can think of is... blue butted baboon."

Haley was trying to explain something to Ruby and Lucy and they were getting totally confused. Haley said "OK you guys... your mind is getting totally rotted by TV and it's making you stupid."

Haley  "Mom, are these my wisdom teeth or my 13 year old molars?
Mom "I'm sure they are your 13 year old molars because you are not smart enough to have your wisdom teeth already"
Haley "Oh, that explains why they pulled yours out."

"This is sooo unfair!!! Why do I have to do ALL this work?" Lucy
"Because it's you're homework." Me

Jokingly Eric said- "Ruby, if you do something bad don't lie about it, you'll go to hell with all the other liars."
Ruby- "MOM, Dad said HELL!!!"
Me- "That's ok, he'll be there with you now."

This morning while we were reading the scriptures I was reading Mosiah 18:27 out loud:

27And again Alma commanded that the people of the church should impart of their substance, aevery one according to that which he had; if he have more abundantly he should impart more abundantly; and of him that had but little, but little should be required; and to him that had not should be given.

Haley stopped me and asks "What if they had butt more (with a huge smile)?" It took us a minute to realize what she was talking about...  then we all started totally cracking up.   Finally I said I guess if they had butt more, they need to go on a diet. Not the most reverent scripture study this morning.

Lucy "What if you don't have a boy?"
Ruby "We won't get a girl, they checked his privates"
Lucy "Do they have vaginas?
Me "No, girls have vaginas and boys have a penis."
Lucy "I like how it's a vagina because it sounds like China!"

At Ruby's birthday party I noticed that Haley signed the back of her plate "Haley- the asome one!". I did not want to embarrass her so I waited until later and said "Haley, do you know how to spell awesome?". Haley said  "Ya... A,w,e,s,o,m,e".  So I asked her why she spelled it wrong on Ruby's birthday plate and she said "A-some, is just my awesome way to spell awesome".

Thursday, July 21, 2011


If you ask my kids what they remember the most about going to Yellowstone they will probably tell you about me screaming "DIDN'T YOU READ THE BROCHURE"... to Eric as he rolled down his window in the front and Lucy's in the back and they were both sticking their heads out talking to the buffalo and waiving their arms.  The day before I had read out loud to the entire car a brochure they gave us about how dangerous the buffalo are and to not get close to them.
I was sure he was going to eat one of them. In hind sight I may have over reacted a little, but it seriously gave me a heart attack!

We stopped because the girls wanted to see the lilly pads and look for frogs. They found baby eels and were catching them in a cup. After a while Eric looked at them closer and said "These are not eels, they are leeches"

The girls were so proud of their leech discovery they had to bring all their cousins back to this spot to catch more.  Yes, this totally grossed me out... but I knew they were having fun.

About the cousins... Eric's brother Al and his four kids went up to Yellowstone the same time as we did and we all stayed in the same hotel. It was a blast having them there. They all got along great. Unfortunately Al's wife Julie had to work and missed the trip. Hopefully we can get together with them all for another trip.

We all got to eat at the Old Faithful lodge for dinner. This was an eventful dinner... I won't go into details but at one point Eric swiped Al's phone and quickly left the restaurant with his brother chasing him. The kids were cracking up at their dads acting like "brothers" instead of responsible dads.

I have had a lot of requests for pregnancy photos. I really did not want to pose for many photos but here are a couple.

After yellowstone we drove up to Great Falls Montana to go to the Lewis and Clark center.  Eric has always wanted to go here and Ruby just learned all about them last year in school. It was really interesting and worth the drive.

Our last stop on our big road trip was to Ikea in Portland.
We made sure there was still room for the kids in the car...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy birthday Haley!

This is the second year in a row that we have been on vacation on Haley's birthday. We were at the Grand Teton lodge the morning of Haley's birthday.

She was completely shocked (as was I) when eric had secretly asked the waitress to bring her chocolate ice cream and sing happy birthday.... right after BREAKFAST!

Once she got over the embarrassment of them singing to her, she was thrilled with Ice cream for breakfast!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Grand Teton National park

After leaving Salt Lake City we drove up through Bear lake, of course stopping for their famous raspberry shakes, and then headed to Jackson Wyoming.

Eric had planned on us all doing a breakfast horseback ride... I told him I did not think a horseback ride pregnant sounded like such a good idea. Luckily he changed it to a dinner cruise out to Elk island. It was so beautiful and fun.

The dinner was yummy and the view was unbelievable. I am thankful Eric is such a great trip planner. This was definitely a highlight of the trip!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Utah trip

Haley flew out to Utah for a girls camp and we drove to Utah to pick her up and visit my Mom. We did not have  a lot of time there, but we managed to pack in a lot.

Eric took Ruby and Lucy on the hike up to Timpanogos caves. The girls had a blast and Lucy took like  200 photos (trees, sky ect.) with her camera.

We went to temple square. If you have not been there recently they have a full model of the temple with the sides taken off so you can see all the rooms and where they are located. We spent a lot of time pushing all the buttons that would explain each room. The girls were really excited to see the rooms where weddings are done.

I have heard about the acoustics at the tabernacle but this was the 1st time I saw them demonstrate the pin drop from the pulpit. The pioneers were such awesome engineers.

We picked Haley up from her camp and just like last year she had a wonderful experience and made tons of new friends.

This year we have really seen Haley come out of her shell and be more social. She is hilarious and so much fun, it was great to see all the girls swarm around her laughing about what a fun time they all had.

We also drove down to see Eric's 99 year old Grandpa. His hearing has really gone bad since the last time we visited so it was hard for the girls (ok myself included) not to giggle as Eric screamed as loud as he could asking Grandpa questions and Grandpa calmly would reply "What?"
I can't believe how well he is doing overall for being 99. 

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Hellgate boats

With all the family in town for Lucy's baptism we decided to take them on a Rouge river adventure. The Hellgate jet boat tour. It was an absolute blast!

We even got John and Hawley to brave the high speed boat that does 360's and covers you with water.

My Mom was worried about the little kids flying out of the boat, but they all survived. I know she will kill me for posting this photo, but... she lives in Utah so it will take her a while to get here and the girls Love this photo because it shows how fast the boat was going.

Half way through the tour the boat stops for feast/dinner. The food was delicious, the weather was perfect, everyone lived and we all had a great time!

Monday, July 04, 2011

It's great to be 8... Happy Birthday Lucy!

I can't believe Lucy is 8!!!!
She is such a sweet, kind child. She is the first to offer to share with anyone and always giving love notes to people. We LOVE LUCY!

Since she turned 8 my Mom, Eric's Mom and Step dad John and my Sister and her family all came into town for her baptism. It was a full house, but we have a lot of fun.

My Mom gave her scriptures with her name on them.

Eric baptized her.

Aunt Tiffany (on the 2nd row) gave the talk on baptism.

Then afterwards we had a little party at our house.

Happy Birthday Lucy!

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