Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Round one!

It's still winter outside, but inside our house it sounds like spring! 
 I picked up our first shipment of chicks today and I love the sound of them chirping. We got our Silkies, silver Wyandottes and black Australorps. 

I wonder if any of these girls realize they won the chicken lottery. If they only knew the palace of a coop they will be moving into soon.

Here are some stolen photos from the web to show you how beautiful these birds will be:

Silver laced Wyandotte (we got 5 of these)

White Silky (we got 2 white, 2 yellow and 2 black)

Black Australorpe (we got 3 of these. They are like egg machines!)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can't get enough of Cami!

Cami loves her new home and we love having her. Except for the  three pairs of ripped pants. We have never had an outside dog so it is killing Eric and I to leave her outside all night when it's 20 degrees! But we have held strong and she has never been inside our house and we hope to keep it that way.

Since we won't have the goats until April, she herds the chickens and humans. When ever she is walking next to me she walks right by my leg and kind of leans into me. When the ground is icy and I'm wearing my rubber boots I have a hard time not face planting. 

Cami was hanging out with me while I was painting the new chicken coop. When we were done I realized she had leaned up against the paint and had red tips all over one side of her making her look pink. She is having a hard time looking like the man dog that she is supposed to be.

Even though she is little, she is REALLY heavy. 
This cute little puppy will not last long, she is already changing/ growing so fast!

We love our Cami!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lucy lost her tooth!

Last Friday Lucy hopped in the car and gave me a huge toothless smile. I was completely shocked because I did not know that tooth was even loose. She said she was so excited to loose it at school because they gave her a little plastic tooth necklace to put her tooth in.

In other Lucy news... She continues to tear up the gym floor and was promoted to gym green!  While I am really excited she is doing well, I would like her to stay put.  The next level is a 2 hour class, twice the price and not offered on the same days as karate. I know it's a selfish, but I can't help it. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy birthday Max!

This was the original photo we saw of Max and we fell in love with him.

 Here's Max today on his 6th birthday, with his birthday present.

Max is my shadow. He literally follows me all over the house. If I am doing laundry, cleaning after a while he will wine because he wants me to sit down so he can have a break. I LOVE this dog!
Happy Birthday Max!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eric's heaven

Yes Eric was looking at me like "Why are you taking a photo of us". But after watching the girls having a blast, riding around in the Mule helping Dad "fix" areas in the fence Opal has been squeezing out... I couldn't help but think... this is the stuff that the girls are going to remember about growing up here. This is why we bought this property.

Just in case they do forget, they can read about it here (in my journal) to remember what a great Dad they have and how much fun they had working with him.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ruby's 10th birthday

According to Ruby, turning 10 is her most important birthday ever because she is going from one digit to two digits. The next time she will change is when she turns 100 and goes to three digits!

Ruby loves arts and crafts so she wanted to have her party at a local pottery studio.

This was the perfect party for girls her age. They each choose different things to paint and were so into the colors and designs they used. It was so fun to watch them.

We sang Happy birthday to Ruby Opera style and I have to say it was the best birthday song I have ever heard. I am kicking myself I did not video it. People from the front of the store came back to tell us how much they loved it! It was really funny.

What? You are going to take my photo... wait, let me get some frosting on my face...

In only a few seconds every girl (Cheyenne and Haley included) had frosting all over their face and were laughing historically.

This party was such a hit Lucy and Cheyenne said they want their party here too. I loved it. Next time I am going to let Eric take photos and I will paint with the girls!

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