Thursday, July 31, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Bees

Both Haley and Ruby have been involved with busy bee groups this summer. This is where a few Moms take turns teaching a class or craft of some kind at their house for the afternoon. Today was my day to teach Ruby's group.

I purchased inexpensive wood mirrors from Ikea. Eric drilled holes in the top so we could hang them with ribbon. I cut out a bunch of tissue paper shapes and gave them bowls of Mod Podge glue to decoupage the frames.

It was a very easy project but they all seemed to enjoy it and the mirrors turned out super cute.

Laguna Beach

We went to Laguna Beach to spend the night at Derik and April's house. April is Eric's step Sister and the person that set us up on a blind date 14 years ago.

Their house is amazing and has beautiful views of the ocean, but I think my kids favorite thing about their house is the golf cart. They spent hours in the evening playing on the golf cart as you can imagine in the morning they were the 1st ones on the cart ready to head to the beach.

I learned that there is a very fine line between joy and torture. Lucy loves bugs and animals and loves to touch them, it brings her joy.

She found this sand crab and carried it around even after we got back to our house. She would take it out and brush it with a little paint brush to "clean it" . I knew she thought she was being loving and taking care of it, but I felt like I could hear the little crab screaming "Save me, please someome!". She wanted to take it to church on Sunday, but I said no. Today it is no longer alive, but Lucy doesn't mind. She still thinks it's just as cool as ever.

When she was not in the water, Ruby spent her time putting sand on her head and all over her body.

After the beach we went swimming at the pool and then went home, showered and then took the trolley into town.

We had to wait for an hour to get into Pomodoro, a yummy Italian restaurant. Everyone was hungry so we took the kids across the street to get some candy as an appetizer to hold them over until dinner.
It was worth the wait. The food was delicious.

We had a great time hanging out with Derik and April and their kids. I can't even imagine living in Laguna Beach, it is so beautiful!

Friday, July 25, 2008

LA field trip

A couple of month ago my Sister and her Husband went to Brazil and brought me back this beautiful blue topaz.  I wanted to get it set in a ring but everything I found was super expensive. Yesterday my Mom and Sister were in town and we decided to go to the LA jewelry district (with my 3 kids in tow).  I told my girls on the drive out that there was going to be a lot of walking but I would give them each $5 to buy whatever they wanted.  Ha Ha.  When I was a kid they had lots of sterling rings for kids and inexpensive earrings, now it all just hard core jewelry.

We went in several shops and looked at tons of ring settings. My Sister was looking for settings for several stones she brought back from Brazil and ended up only finding one.  I had looked at a ton, but given up on finding something in my price range.  

When my Mom and Sister left for the airport and the girls and I started walking towards the parking garage it started:

"This place is the worst... You said we could buy something... We didn't get anything... why did you bring us." A choir of disgruntled children.

Ruby asked if we could go in one last shop and I agreed. There was a setting I liked and after talking him down for a while it was in my price range. I told him if he could have it sized and set in 15 min I would take it. He said "No problem".  He sent me up to his jewelry maker to have it sized right away.  The jeweler was super nice and obviously liked kids because they were talking a mile a minute and asking a ton of questions and he did not mind at all. 

At one point Lucy said "I wish we were all bald because them we wouldn't get dust in our hair and we wouldn't need to wash it".   Later Ruby said "Why is it so dirty in here and what is that bad smell" then she processed to plug her nose. Of course I wanted to die.

I kept looking at my watch because it was taking way more then 15 min and I had to be home by 6:30 for a work dinner with Eric. As soon as he finished my ring he said "Come with me" and took us down the hall. He started into the most interesting lesson for my girls about how jewelry is made. I was torn because it was getting late and I knew traffic was going to be bad... but the girls were LOVING it.

Heck I was loving it. It was really interesting and I couldn't believe what a great teacher he was for children.  During our lesson he received a call from someone and in a very angry voice he yelled "It will be done when it's done" and hung up the phone.  Then he went back to our lesson in a nice voice.
He ended up cutting out wax rings for Lucy and Ruby and a pendant for Haley.  They were on cloud nine when we left saying "that was SOOO cool... can we get a hotel out here and come back tomorrow... I can't believe he let us keep these awesome rings".  

I was thrilled for the presentation and happy girls, but I was sweating and my heart was racing because it was 5:oo and I knew I would never make it home by 6:30.  I ended up getting on the freeway in the wrong direction and did not realize it until I saw signs for Watts.  I turned around and got back on it in the right direction knowing that Eric was going to be bugged that I left so late and missed the dinner.

I have never driven back from LA without traffic, never.  Somehow through divine intervention I flew home during rush hour traffic without a stitch of traffic! I walked in the door at 6:20 (5 min before Eric) and we made it to the dinner!  Maybe my new ring has magical powers!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pioneer day

The kids rode in handcarts as we walked around the church to hear pioneer stories

They decorated their bikes and rode in a little parade

I liked how lucy wrote her name on the balloons on her bike

We played pioneer games then had a pot luck dinner with hot Dutch oven peach cobbler with ice cream for dessert- guess what my favorite part was.

I did not think the pioneer games were going to go over well, but they loved them and overall the girls had a blast.

Birthday lunch

We went out to lunch for Grandma Hawley (Eric Mom) and Haley's birthday.

As soon as they started singing Happy Birthday Haley went completely under the table. As soon as they left she poked her head back up and devoured her dessert.

Meanwhile Grandpa John taught Lucy and Ruby how to cross their eyes!

Happy 10th Birthday Haley!

I can't believe that my little Haley is now 10 and going to be in the 5th grade this year!

This morning she woke up with the birthday quilt. I have never seen someone that thrashes so much when she sleeps. Her blankets and pillow are often thrown off the bed.

Haley's new 10 year old look!

Here are 10 things I love about Haley:

1. She is a great big sister. Ruby and Lucy totally look up to her.

2. She has a great smile (when you get to see it).

3. She LOVES to read and has literally read the majority of books in our local library's children's room.

We make trips to the library so often that Ruby and Lucy started complaining and did not want to go in. So sometimes I park outside while she runs in and picks out a stash to suffice for a few days.

4. She is a great softball player. She listens to her coaches and works really hard. She has also recently decided that she wanted to be called Lizzy (her middle name is Elizabeth). I'm totally ok with that, but I never remember to call her Lizzy.

5. She loves to be comfortable. I snapped this photo because It's so classic Haley. Hair unbrushed, wearing sweats, reading and eating ice cream, I'm not sure if life could get any better for her.

6. Haley is a fish. She is a great swimmer. She LOVES the beach and will stay in the water boogie boarding all day if we would let her.

7. I love when she gets excited over something new. When she has on her China clothes she struts all over the house.

8. She is crafty. She has learned to crochet and loves to make blankets for her stuffed animals.

9. She loves animals. Alive and stuffed. Haley loves to read stories about animals and makes lists of good names for pets in the future. Her latest animal obsession is Webkins.

10. Haley pretends to be a very serious little girl, but when she lets go she is hilarious and cracks me up!

Happy Birthday Lizzy!
We love you!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Haley's Birthday Party

Haley's party was tonight even though her Birthday is tomorrow. She was very specific about every detail.

The invitations were blue...
We all went swimming and had pizza delivered to the pool. We had water bottles with the water died blue.

The cake was blue.

The cupcakes were BLUE and white. Notice the frosting... I didn't even realize I was quilting until about the 3rd cupcake!

We set up a large screen (sheet) and projector in the garage and watched Cheaper by the dozen 2. During the movie we passed out light up bracelets and ate red licorice, cheese balls and popcorn.

The party favors were all blue.

Can you guess what Haley's favorite color is?

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