Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Santa Barbara with the cousins

We drove to Santa Barbara to meet up with my Sister and her family. They drove down from Northern California to go to a baseball game for their oldest Son Ryan.

Ryan is a REALLY good player so he was recruited to play in this Pony game even-though he is still in Little League.

We drove out to see him play and to let the cousins get together. These guys all love each other. Our kids are pretty good alone but when they get together with their cousins, they team up and there is dark synergy that takes place.

Team Jake & Ruby

Team Ali & Lucy

At one point I realized that I could not find Ali & Lucy anywhere. After looking all over the park I found them changing the scores on the score board. Luckily I found them (and took a picture) and fixed the score before they were screamed at by one of the coaches. Eric said he freaked when he saw them and could not believe that I started laughing and grabbed my camera. Now, if I had caught them wiping lipstick on a quilt... that would have been a different story.

During one of the games my Sister and I went to the Gem Show that was a couple of blocks away. We took Ali & Lucy with us to keep them out of trouble. They were in heaven with tons of tables covered with pearls, jewelry and gems. At one point I noticed them stuffing Ali's pocket with something. When I checked her pockets they had jewelry pendants from several tables back and a large rose quarts bead. I took them back to the table and made them give the jewelry back and say they were sorry. I couldn't figure out where the large rose quarts came from so I just left it on a table with some beads. That night when I pulled my jeans off that freaking large rose quarts bead came flying out of my pocket. I couldn't believe that they had stashed it in my pocket since I was checking theirs. I really hope that when they are older they are able to channel this sly creativity into something positive.

After the game we went downtown to State Street and walked in all the shops (with all 7 kids). Lulu and Ali could not decide if they wanted to hold hands or chicken fight, so they did both.

We got pastries at Anderson's(the best stuff ever!) and checked out the turtle fountain.

I have to admit that we took Othello with us. I know we have become obsessed. I played Tiff at the pool while the kids were swimming. The guys were supposed to be watching the kids, but they stood behind us obviously consumed with the competition and who was going to win. Again, not going to say who won until it's me.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Serious competition

We have a Mattel outlet a few minutes away where you can score some seriously great deals. A couple of days ago I purchased a Othello game for $2.74. I had no idea how much our family would love this game. Haley and Ruby are totally into it and Eric and I could not go to bed last night until we played one more game to try to settle our rivalry. I won't say who won the final game because he's been gloating about it. Even at full price, this game is totally worth it.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

All is well

It has been a long trip, but Eric is back home!

The tickle fights have resumed. Dinners are well balanced. I have come out of survival mode. Our fridge is stocked with Orange Juice and yougart. I can fall asleep at night. Date nights are back. Everyone is happy.

Eric is such a perfectionist (but a nice one) and I am a creative go with the flow type, we really do need each other to be normal, and happy. I'm oh so happy now!

Life is good!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One more day!

Thank you Tasha for sending me a great stash of fabric, all perfect for my Jane quilt. I could not take the photo quick enough before Lucy locked her eyes, and hands on the lip gloss (all 3 girls were very excited about the flavors). I was able to hide the dark chocolate before anyone figured out what it was. All for me! All for me!

I can't believe that six weeks has gone by and that Eric is coming home tomorrow! I also can't believe that I have not sewn hardly at all since he left. I had big plans to make gifts and several blocks for my Dear Jane quilt, but nothing got done. I think I just realized that the girls needed my full attention and sometimes when I get sewing I become obsessed. Now that Eric is going to back I quit being so responsible and start sewing and again. Thanks Tasha!

Side note- As I sat to type this real quickly, Lucy is going to the bathroom down the hall and I hear her say "Potty places are baginas, boys don't have potty places or panties" I learn something new every day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's time for Dad to come home when...

You call the girls down for dinner and Ruby comes downstairs with a bright red face and clearly has been crying her heart out. "What happened? " I asked. She held up her Dad's ID badges from the hospital and said "I miss Dad so much". I asked if she wanted to call him and she did. Within minutes he had her cheered up and giggling.

Only 2 more day to go!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The day at the beach

We had a great day at Dana Point today. The Weather was perfect.

I got to visit with my good friend Nicole that left us to move to the beach.

Ruby got to see her good friend Ellie. The girls all had a blast playing in the sand.

When we got home at night, they all went straight to bed and fell right to sleep. It was a great day!

Ditching school

I pulled my girls out of school early yesterday to go see the twin baby horses that were born at my Friend's family Ranch. Haley loves horses and was in heaven. She has read so many horse books I could not believe how much horse lingo she knew. Ruby (wearing black velvet) would get next to the babies, pose and ask me to take a picture, then she would ask "why is this place so dirty?" and "why are there so many flies?". Haley wanted to know if she would ever be able to own her own horse. Ruby just wanted to change her clothes, because the "Ranch was so dirty". Two completely different little spirits.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More green waves of good mail!

Wow what a week it has been, we have been so blessed. With all the good mail you girls are sending I don't see why the post office thinks they need to raise postage.

My friend Amy sent me a wood crepe turner, Nutella and their favorite recipe for crepes. What a great idea. My kids had never had Nutella and LOVED it. We had Crepes with strawberries and Nutella one night for dinner then Creps with peanut butter and bannanas another. Not to healthy, but it was so good and everyone was very happy! Thank you Amy!

Natasha send me this Mother's day package with super cute post it notes- one of my favorite things since I have lost my mind. I use post-its all the time. Thank you Natasha!

I was so sad that I was not able to get to see my friend Shawna while I was back east, I really miss her. When I got back from my trip I received this great surprise from her- super cute stationary and hot tamales. I love hot cinnamon candy. Lucy would eat one and look like she was going to die, then ask me for another one. I'm training her young. Thank you Shawna!

Liz sent me this very thoughtful selection of goodies for me and my girls. Three lip glosses- oh ya, the girls freaked. Three packs of regular M&Ms for the girls and a pack of dark chocolate M&Ms for me (someone did some research). Liz also sent facial masks and foot soaks- oh ya and a big box of strawberry whoppers. I had never had the strawberry kind, they were so good I could not stop eating them. Thank you Liz!

Jill, who just returned from a big trip to Paris like 2 hours ago, sent me this super cute yellow/ striped reversible summer purse. I love it. She also sent coloring books and candy for the girls. Lucy calls her coloring book "her homework". Thank you so much Jill! I have no idea how you had time to put this all together.

Jordan (my friend with the most talented artists for parents) sent me this very creative art kit for making paper necklaces. Last Saturday afternoon we all sat together and made necklaces. I thought Lucy would be too young, but she did it and everyone had a great time. Thanks for making the day go by so quickly Jordan!

I have to include some good mail that I received from Ruby. Last Thursday I had a really bad case of food poisoning. I spent the entire day lying on the floor and throwing up my guts. The next day I found a stack of cards from Ruby where I had been lying. I scanned two of them.

I thought it was so sweet that she raided my card stash to help me with my "sad time".

I really can't tell you how overwhelmed I am. The fact that so many people have taken the time to put together all these thoughtful packages and gifts for us, really, I stand at the mailbox crying. You all have made me feel so loved.
Thank you!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

This Mother's day was...memorable.
I heard several protests that began with- Just because its Mother's Day. "Just because it's Mother's Day doesn't mean we have to brush our hair" etc. My girls have had better days, and so have I.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Anyone that has read Kristi's blog has seen the amazing ribbons she gets at the outlet. I had to check it out. I could not believe how cheep the prices were. They have tons of different types of ribbons and they are all different prices, but I got a few rolls of 100 yards of ribbon for 50 cents each. Oh ya baby!

After the outlet we drove to Antietam, the Civil War battlefield. I have to admit that I was not excited about going to see a place where so many people lost their lives, but I learned a lot and it really was beautiful

Then we drove to Harpers Ferry. This is where the Shenandoah River and the Potomac meet.

We walked along the Appalachian Trail, and on the stairs where George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Meriwether Lewis and so many more great men in History walked.

This was such an amazing opportunity. I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have been able to go on this trip and see all these wonderful towns and historic places. We could not have done any of this without Eric's Mom and Stepdad. Grandma Hawley and Grandpa Brown watched our girls for us while we were gone. I'm sure they could have given us a thousand reasons why they couldn't do this, but they didn't, and I really appreciate it. Hawley (a retired school teacher) worked with my girls on their handwriting and taught Ruby her address. Talk about double duty. I hope they recover quickly from their long week.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Sunday morning we went to the National Cathedral. Photos do not do this building justice, it really is breathtaking.

The church is gynormous and has intricate details over almost every inch. The stained glass windows were my favorite, but I did not want to take any photos inside as they were about to start mass.

Check out these azaleas. I remember seeing azaleas this large in Louisiana, but I have never seen any this large in California.

The dogwood trees were blooming there little hearts out everywhere you looked.

After the Cathedral we went to the downtown DC ward building for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. What an incredible ward this is. The spirit was so strong and in Relief Society you could feel the love all the sisters have for each other and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. They had a testimony meeting that gave me chills (the good kind). My friend Kristi attends this ward so it was fun to sit next to her and her daughter Annie Kate.

Jeff and Kristi invited us to their house for dinner. We had such a great time. Their girls are beautiful and Jeff and Kristi are so much fun to be around that we did not want to leave (sorry we stayed so late Kristi).

I took my camera, but did not even think to take a picture of us together. Such a bummer.

FYI- Jeff bought a new car a while ago, but knew that Eric was coming to DC so he held off on selling his old car so that Eric could use it while in town. All of the trips we took to charming little towns would not have been possible without Jeff's car. Not to mention that they dropped off a ton of groceries to Eric when he first arrived in DC. Both Jeff and Kristi have always been so generous to us in so many ways, we owe them big time!

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Today we went to the National Mall and met up with Dori, Adam and their kids(friends from NOLA). Eric and I drove around forever looking for a parking space. He kept driving 12-13 city blocks away to find a free/ cheap parking spot. My legs were sore from walking so I wanted to park close. After driving around for 40 min we found a free spot 2 blocks away from the museum and we decided that we could stay married.

The Natural History museum was very cool. I had just watched Night at the Museum with the girls before I left, so it was hard not to keep thinking about the movie.
From there we drove to the Lincoln Monument and parked without stress...whew. I could not believe how large the monument is. I was also surprised by the beautiful stained glass windows in the celing.
Afterwards Dori and I sat on the grass while the kids played and the boys walked the Vietnam memorial. Dori is such a great person. She is an amazing parent and always improves my perspective on parenting. I can't wait for her 4th child to arrive in June.

Then we went to the Rosevelt Memorial. It was really really cold and starting to rain.

We said good by to our good friends and drove across the Potomac river to Old Town Alexandria.

Such a quaint little town with charming stores. I was able to shop in The Paper Source for the 1st time- what a great store.

We came home and had dinner at Eric's little studio and called it a night. I am not used to walking several miles every day so my legs/feet are so sore and tired. I am glad that tomorrow is Sunday and we will get to rest.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Eric surprised me by driving out to a really cool quilt store he found good reviews for online. They had 6,000 bolt of fabric- I was in heaven. This store happened to be in the cutest town called Annapolis.

There was an amazing church in the middle of the town, every prayer stool was hand needlepointed and so beautiful.

After we left Annapolis, we drove to St. Michaels where there is a Wooden boat museum. Eric built an 10 1/2 foot wooden sail boat 8 years ago and can't wait until he has time to make another wooden boat.

He seriously stood watching these two guys work forever. I had my fill of watching them after about 5 min so I walked around looking at all the beautiful boats that had been restored.

I just can't believe how beautiful it is here. All these little charming towns, no smog, dogwood trees in bloom, azalea bushes that are like 6 ft tall and 10 ft wide in full bloom and everything is so green. I'm loving it.

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