Friday, September 05, 2014

Say What?

Putting Keaton to bed I said "Tomorrow you get to go to school and see Steven, (he was excited) then tomorrow night we are going camping. He said "Good because Steven loves muscles and sex!" It took a lot of questioning to figure out where that came from, finally I realized he was trying to say Steven likes Marshmallows and sticks. When I explained Steven was not going camping with us so he would not get to make smore's, Keaton was bummed.

Ruby "When you walk into preschool are you going to start singing.. I'm bringing sexy back?"
Keaton "No, I'm gonna say ummmm, ummm"
Ruby "You are going to say ummm, ummm?"
Keaton "No, Im gonna say where's my mom?"

Keaton "Mom! You should have a penis like me and Dad."
Me "Why?"
Keaton "Cuz then you could go pee in the toilet with your penis."

Any/time of 2013
If you ask Keaton not to hit something or not throw something he says "I not will."

Driving back from Utah
Haley "Mom, if you are uncomfortable you can have my STD pillow."
(her pillow fell on the floor at the hotel so she wouldnt touch it)
Keaton "I want to use your S…T….D pillow! (she handed it to him)
A couple of hours later Keaton handed her pillow back to Haley.
"Looks like the STD pillow just became the STD…PBJ pillow"

7/14/14 In the middle of the utah at the Golden Spike monument
Haley "I totally understand now why Dante needed to have so many different Hells.

Lucy "I may not know much about baseball, but I know they have really long hot dogs."

Haley "Green is my favorite color."
Keaton "It is not, actually."
(Haley's favorite color is blue and Keaton called her on it)
Keaton "Moma, I wove you big!"

Ruby talking to Keaton "Why have a tooshie if you are not going to let your sisters squishy it?"

Thursday, April 03, 2014

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