Saturday, April 24, 2010

say WHAT?

"Dad can I watch TV?" Ruby
"No. That's a privilege for children that do not call their mothers idots." Eric

"I need to go buy a chain saw." Eric
"Can't you just borrow one from a neighbor?" Me
"I dont like to borow tools." Eric
"MOM....Dad just wants to get something manly since you wont let him drive a truck!" Ruby

"I'm staarrvviiing... I'm dying!" Lucy
"I'm staaarrrrvvviiiing... I'm dying!" Lucy
"Please die quietly so I can finnish getting dinner ready." me
"I'm staaarrrrrrrrvvvvviiing... I'm dyyyyiiing!" Lucy
"When people go to your funeral they are going to hear BAM, BAM, BAM then you screaming I'm not dying quietly from your coffin." Ruby

"I really need to start riding my bike again." Me
"Ya you should... your thighs are getting really fat." Haley

"You know what?... I was born to look like I am wearing make up." Lucy

While driving past a llama farm:
"I would like to get a llama. That would be sooo fun for me because it could spit on me." Ruby
"Why would that be so much fun?" Me
"It would be a nice shower, then I wouldn't need to take a bath." Ruby

Gracie's shower

This morning we had a little baby shower/ breakfast for Gracie!

The kids all had fun getting to see and hold the baby today. She was thrilled with some gifts she received... like this chewing kabob.

She also loved this little hand made condo complete with a hand woven timothy hay bed.

She was right at home.

Gracie loved the fact that most of the kids were more interested in the chickens then her so she could just enjoy her loot.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Today it turned green!

Haley and Anna looked like synchronized swimmers as they tested for their green belts today. They were both spot on and did fantastic!

Congratulations girls!

It's a beautiful day for a ride.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The night of the notables

I never dreamed that Haley would willingly wear gold lame', but I was wrong. Haley did her 6th grade notables project on the Egyptian queen/pharaoh Hatsheput. Haley was VERY specific about what her costume needed to be, right down to the colors of the stripes on the headdress. She was thrilled with how it turned out (I think I made big mom points as a result).

Haley and her cute friend Anna(was the cutest Sakaguwa ever).

Haley even stood in front of all the parents and read her bio-riddle with total confidence. I think she did a great job writing this and reading it in front of everyone:

I was born around 15 century BC
near the Mediterranean Sea
In Egypt my parents ruled
that's were I was schooled
I grew up learning to read
people paid my parents heed
My Step-brother I married
across the Nile we ferried
My husband came down with the cancer of the skin
it was a battle he didn't win
My step-son I cared for
he got to be quite a chore
I took over his duty
about it he was moody
After I became pharoh
everybody said good to know
I sent people to Punt to trade
they came back with gold and jade
After I disappeared into nowhere
many people believed my step-son has something to do with the affair
He erased everything with my inscription written in Egyptian.
Who am I?

Stephanie & Jeanne

Today I had lunch with Jeannie and Stephanie. I have not seen either of them for about 13 years. I  started watching Stephanie when she was 4 and I was 11.  Stephanie when I was Growing up I got to nanny over the summers for a local family that had one daughter. When I started watching her she was 4 years old. I would spend the summer swimming with Stephanie, going to Lakeside country club for lunch and swimming, taking tennis lessons and art lessons. It was a great job, but it never felt like a job.

The last trip I took with them was to Disney World in Florida. I was a college student and Stephanie was 13 years old. 

It turns out Stephanie only lives only 15 min away from us now. Her Mom was in town and I got to go out to lunch with both of them!  It was like a family reunion.  

So great to get to see these girls after so many years!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's a girl!

My friend Janet and I googled images and compared them to the baby and she's definitely a girl.
Since she is grey like her dad we named her Gracie!

Everyone is invited to Gracie's baby shower Saturday the 24th at 9:00. Breakfast will be served.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We had a baby today!!!!!!

I noticed Ming ming sitting in her food bowl and thought it was weird, but when I heard little squeaking noises I went to go check her. She had just given birth to this wet scary looking bloody fur ball.  Even though it was ugly I was so excited I couldn't stand it!

45 min later the girls got off the bus and Haley got to hold her new little baby. We will not know if it's a girl or boy for several weeks... of course I am hoping for a girl.

After 5 hours it was licked clean, dry and walking around the cage. I love that chinchillas come out fully cooked with open eyes and all their hair. After a few hours look how cute!!!! From the way it bounces around the cage, I think it's happy to be here.

In other very sad news today Lucy came home from school with a fever and throwing up and two of our big chickens died. They got their necks stuck in a tight space. I guess you could say curiosity killed the cat and chickens. So sad. Ruby sat next to the coop crying for over an hour.

Monday, April 12, 2010

One of these chics is not like the others!

Much taller, prettier feathers and way heavier.... He can't blend in anymore.

There is a rooster among the girls!!!!

This is a girls only dwelling... he's gotta go.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The weekend

Cheyenne has been asking to dye or bleach her hair for a while, but I couldn't agree to blonde streaks or black hair.  Walking through the health food store (rare for me) I noticed a thing of burgundy Henna dye and got it for her. It looks great and she loves it. I'm glad we were able to come to a happy medium. This photo does not do it justice, it looks really cool.

Grandma Bonnie flew in for the weekend so we decided to go to the Pear blossom festival and parade.

My favorite part of the parade was an old folks home van full of old folks waving out the window. You've gotta love that!

Of course with Grandma Bonnie in town we had to go shopping, so we went to Jacksonville.

I have a great, very funny photo of my mom with the girls on Jacksonville, but she told me she would disown me if I posted it. So here is a respectable one.

While my mom was here she helped me pick paint colors for the new house and figure out what furniture will fit where. We had a great time with her, I just hope her ears recover from the noise levels at our house.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Lucky me!!!

The women in our church held a service auction a few weeks ago. I won having a scarf or hat made by one of the great knitters of our ward, Alice. I was so excited because I love all things knitted, but am intimidated by knitting.

Only a few short days after I choose the yarn, Alice brought this beautiful Pandora shadow scarf to our handcraft night all completed and ready to go home with me!

It's so soft and on the bias so it's stretchy... I LOVE IT!
Thank you Alice!!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A little teaser

Since we purchased an older home and we are not moving into it for a few months we have been doing a lot of painting and updating. We are not even close to being done, but it's amazing what a little paint can do.  The blue tile floor will go to... eventually.

The breakfast area

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The best thing about Easter

Peeps! Stale wonderful peeps on the top of the refrigerator, hidden in the top cabinet, hidden anywhere above 5 feet.

(but that's not the best thing about Easter)

Chocolate. Chocolate bunnies, Chocolate eggs. Chocolate!

(but that's not the best thing about Easter)

Having a house and garage full of chicks (both fowl and female)!

(but that's not the best thing about Easter)

The best thing about Easter is Jesus!
He died for our sins and was resurrected, He lives!!!!

He is the Best part of Easter!

Friday, April 02, 2010

What's growing in your laundry room?

We currently have tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon and onions growing in our laundry room!

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