Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today is the big day...

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


2/21/09 "Mom, I need to ask you something... when you die... can I have all your rug hooking stuff" Haley

2/21/09 "To be a famous hooker ... you need to design all your own stuff, die all your own wool and be a really good hooker so everyone will know your name and know what a good hooker you are, then they will want to buy all your stuff." Haley talking to her Dad about rug hooking.

2/23/09 "Mom, why do you make such gross dinners... you used to make junk we liked." Ruby while eating a delicious chicken parmesan...If I do say so myself.

2/24/09 The conversation between my Nephew Jacob(7) and his friend Josh(7)
"Dude, you know you can take your eyeballs out?"Josh
"Ya" Jacob
"You can take one out, swallow it and then you will poop it out."Josh
"Ya" Jacob
"... and after you poop it out, you can put it back in your head" Josh
"Ya... but you need to wash it first" Jacob

"Haley come look at the fog this morning. We hardly ever get fog." Me
"Why don't we get fog... oh I know, the economy." Haley

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Say What?

1/22/09 Rubbing her belly- "I can't figure out why my stomach hurts so bad. Roy made me a great breakfast this morning. I ate scrambled eggs with cheese, toast, sausage, coffee... oh and my two diet pills." The packer lady at Costco talking to the checker lady.

2/2/09 "Because I am a Doctor.....and Aunt Tiffany said so!" Eric's response to Ruby's querry of how he knows that watching the road will keep you from getting car sick.

2/4/09 "You guys are all acting like my birthday was a week ago!". Ruby the day after her birthday.

2/7/09 "Once you see this movie, it's pretty easy to speak Irish" Haley

2/8/09 "Mom, look how bad my ouchie is!  Is it going to turn all blue?" -Lucy
"Ya it's a bruise" Me
"Awwweesome!" Lucy

2/18/09 "Oh yaaaa... THIS IS HOW WE ROLL!" What Ruby screamed out the window (of our minivan) as we passed the High School kids getting out of school. - Who is this child?

Monday, February 16, 2009

A conversation with a serial crafter

8:30 am " Mom, what is that?" Ruby

"It's a rug that I am designing" Me
"Whatever..." Ruby

9:45am "What are you doing now" Ruby
"I'm tracing the design onto tracing paper so I can transfer it to the rug backing" Me
"Whatever..." Ruby

7:30 pm "Oh my gosh, what is that?" Ruby
"It's wool that I am dyeing green for the rug." Me
"That's sick!" Ruby

8:00 pm
"MOM! Why are you using tea to dye your wool... we don't even drink tea!!!" Ruby
"I am just using it to get certain color for the bee hive on the rug" Me
(Ruby in total disgust) ".... Mom, I am REALLY starting to worry about you!"


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My new jewelry box

Over the years I have acquired a lot of jewelry. My Dad loved to buy jewelry and I bought tons of jewelry from the Sundance warehouse sales when I worked there. I also inherited some of my favorite pieces from both of my Grandmothers when they passed away.

Even with the plethora of earring I posses, I wear the same silver hoops (from Target) or my diamond studs (from Walmart) everyday... and have done so for like 5 years. I decided that I needed a better way to store jewelry so I could see them better and get to them easily. If I could do this I would break my uniform of boring jewelry.

So I went on a quest for great jewelry storage containers. Here are a few examples of what I found.

This one was one sale for $22.39 at

$17.99 The container store

This was just hilarious. For only $35 (free shipping) I could get a closet for my earrings... complete with hangers to hang them on. Can you believe this?

None of the containers I found were what I wanted. I wanted more storage and for less money. So I became desperate and went outside the bonds of my marriage to Target and ventured to my least favorite store... I wont say any names (Walmart).

They not only had exactly what I wanted, but they were unbelievably cheep at less then $5.00 a box!!!!!

Check out my new fabulous jewelry storage boxes. I love them so much, I went back and bought more but they were absconded by three little girls to store their jewelry treasures. I guess I need to go back to "that" store again.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Whenever Lucy sees a black man on TV or in a magazine she asks...

Is that Barack Obama?

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lake Arrowhead

We had a quick overnight trip up to Lake Arrowhead to enjoy all the fresh new snow. It was soo beautiful up there!

We stayed at a house I have gone to my entire life. It was my Grandma Tutu's house, but my Uncle Tyke owns it now and is very generous in letting us use it. It's so fun for me to watch my kids doing all the stuff that I used to love to do there.

This was the 1st time Ruby had ever seen it snow. Can you tell how exciting this was for her?

It took a while to get the furnace heated up, so lucy just stood in front of it to keep warm.

The girls had a blast playing in the snow. Haley loved shoveling the snow off the steps (and there are many). After she finished the house steps she cleared several of the 150 steps down to the dock. 

We told lucy she could eat all the snow she wanted so she was happy.  Here she was at the lunch buffet.

Haley was also excited to try maple syrup on snow... something she read about in a book.

One of the highlights of the trip was tubing.  They had a blast.
Haley striking a striking pose

Ruby busting out some serious speed

Eric just looking good
Lucy going freestyle

I was busy cleaning up snow clothes when I realized that the girls were all sitting quietly talking about how beautiful the fire was while they were warming up their feet.  Haley had her arms around her sisters and they were being so sweet and loving.  This is what I imagined parenting was like (before I had kids). Of course I needed to document it with a photo because this doesn't happen that often in my reality.

After dinner we roasted marshmallows for dessert

It was so wonderful not to have the phone ringing and the Disney Channel on the TV.  It was very quiet and relaxing. 

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ruby's 8th Birthday!!!!!!!

Ruby woke up very happy this morning now that she is officially 8 years old.  

As is our tradition, she had her picture taken in front of the birthday quilt. 

This was Ruby on her 2nd birthday. Back then I had my doubts that she would ever make it to her 8th birthday.  I have to say I love her SOOOO much more as an 8 year old!  She has become a sweet,  kind & wonderful girl.

Haley could not wait to give Ruby the scarf she made her. Ruby has been asking Haley to make her a red scarf for a long time. What Ruby did not know was she made her this a long time ago and was saving it for her birthday.

I told Ruby that since she is turning 8 and she has decided to get baptized, we will have a dinner/ party after her baptism, but not a birthday party with friends.  I told her that she could choose an activity to do with the family and she choose to go to the American girl store with Dad to do some shopping and have lunch. 

Ruby was so excited and happy she and Eric had a great time.

While at the store Ruby wanted to buy a basic little bed for her doll. Eric told her he could make her whatever bed she wanted.  So on the way home from LA they went by Home Depo for supplies then came home and Eric started making the triple bunk bed she requested. Of course Eric being the awesome Dad that he is let her Sisters design a bed for their dolls too.

Thee beds are all finished and painted, now I need to make the bedding for them.  The girls have been very specific about what they want, hopefully I can do it.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Snowboarding round 2

The last time we went snowboarding killed me. I was sore for weeks (yes weeks). I was convinced that both my wrists were sprained and my tail bone was broken. Eric said they were not, but what does he know! 

My second attempt at snowboarding was SOOOO much better. I was scared to death to get hurt so I actually listened, went slow and did great. I fell a few times but nothing like before, I really had a great time and consider myself a snowboarder.  I can't imagine going back to skiing.

Lucy on the other hand tuckerd out early. I ended up sitting in the car with her for an hour while Eric and the other girls "shredded" the mountain until the resort closed.


Why did Eric decide to scale the side of the mountain on the way home????
Lucy is obsessed with eating snow and on this trip we learned that Snow Summit uses water from Bear Lake to make their snow.  The last thing we want Lucy drinking is water from that lake- sick!  So Eric made a deal with Lucy that if she would stop eating the snow at the resort, he would get her "clean snow" on the way home.  True to his word he scaled the side of the mountain in leather clogs to get snow that was away from road and hopefully clean.  

I sat in the car and enjoyed the view!

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