Monday, September 27, 2010

Not all eggs are created equal.

I think one of our chickens qualifies for the gifted and talented program. You can't even shut the lid on some of her eggs. Ouch!
(Fyi- we don't wash our eggs until we are ready to use them because the natural seal the chicken leaves on them makes them last longer, but it looks gross sometimes.)

Speaking of eggs... my girls have been selling our eggs to a couple of neighbors and saving the money to do something egg-citing. Ruby has become the manager of this operation and is a little obsessed. She gets mad when I use too many eggs reducing her sell-able dozens. If you are local and want organic free range eggs from the coolest chicks in town, give Ruby a call.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Driving up to our house at dusk I noticed the outline of an owl on one of the fence posts. I thought to myself... "Why did Eric stick a plastic owl there?" Then I realized... Eric never buys anything plastic,  so I slowed way down and drove right up to it.

It was real!!! Ruby and Lucy were in the car and I told them to check out the owl right outside the car window. Lucy said "that's not real". Just then it turned it head all around and looked right at us. Both girls went "OHHHHHH!!!". It turned back toward the house and I took a photo with my phone. Then I pulled out my real camera (so I could zoom and have a flash), but as I rolled down the window it flew right in front of our windshield and up to a tree. All three of us said "Whooooa".  Since then we have seen him on the same post a few times at the same time of night. We think he is our guard owl and comes to check on us every night, so we named him Oscar.  

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You know you are old when...

You are walking through an "Antique mall" and find an item that you gave to Goodwill 2 weeks prior. I had been saving that little black and white cat bank since I was a kid. I figured that my girls would like it, but they never used it and it was starting to get beat up so I gave it away. Here it was on sale for $12 with the gashed in ear from when Ruby dropped it and all. 

While at this "antique mall" I found this groovy frame. Cheyenne has requested a yellow princess room, because Belle is her favorite princess. It has not been easy to create a yellow princess room for a teenager, but I knew this mirror was a must have. 

I painted it gold and wha-la! I will show a photo of the room when it's all done. I am having a hard time finding cool gold bedding to go with all the yellow stuff. If you see something that would work please email me!

Speaking of Cheyenne....

 She passed her written test and now has a driving permit and can drive with an adult! Whoot, woot!
Way to go Cheyenne!

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