Saturday, January 28, 2012

A big week for our little guy

Keaton started eating spittingout baby food. Ruby and Lucy LOVE to feed him. Haley loves to say "Hi squishy tooshie" and Keaton loves it when she says it.

In other big accomplishments for the week, Keaton found his toes!

They are his new favorite toys.

4 months old already

Saturday, January 21, 2012

After all we've been through together...

Today we said goodbye to Cami. 

We are all just sick over it, but we really had no choice. She continued to jump up on the kids and continued to get out of our fence. She would sneak out behind the UPS truck or any car leaving our property. After the accident we thought she would stay away from cars but it got worse. The final straw was last Thursday when I was at a brunch and received a call from our neighbor. Cami was outside our gate, filthy dirty and wet (it was raining) and Cami was "greeting" all of the guests headed to our neighbors house for a luncheon and getting them dirty. Before I could even make it home I received another call from the same neighbor saying that Cami had just bitten an 80 year old lady as she was walking to the house and they were taking her to the hospital for stitches! 

Although Ruby and I (the emotional ones) pled our best case for why we should keep her and how we knew she would get better with time, Eric (the logical one) explained that the liability was too great to keep her.  She was Eric's dog and loved to "work" with him.  I know how hard decision was for him.

We found a great home for her. A retired couple that had a great Pyrenees and loved him until they had to put him down for health problems associated with old age. They are both home during the day and although they have property for her to run, they really want her to be in the house with them (she will be in heaven).  

I think she has the sweetest temperment of any animal we have ever owned... we are going to miss her terribly :(

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The P family

The day I met them Lucy was sick with the stomach flu and we had extra kids from the neighborhood running around. The P's were on their way over so I was desperately trying to clean up.  Haley called me to the garage to show me that two of our chickens had gotten their heads stuck and broken their necks. I was trying not to cry when through the garage windows I saw Joe and Kelly P pull in our driveway. They had already signed a contract to rent our house (sight unseen) and were in town so they wanted to see it.  Joe had also signed a contract with Eric's group so they would be working together. I was stressed out and emotional but answered the front door with the best fake smile possible and gave them a grand tour of our chaotic house between phone calls and Lucy calling me to the bathroom.  They seemed like a really nice family and I was sure that they walked out of our house saying "That was a zoo and that woman is crazy" and they would have been right. I was having one of the worst days ever!

Jump ahead several moths. They had moved into our old house. Ruby had become best friends with their daughter Sophia, Eric really liked working with Joe, and Kelly and I got along great.  We quickly became really good friends. They told me they were non denominational Christians and I told them we were Christian too and attended the Mormon church. It was all good. They were kind of surrounded by mormons here. Several of their neighbors and all the moms they carpooled with were LDS. As a result they were always invited to activities and they would come often. One week they were invited to church and they came. There was never any pressure on them to take lessons from the missionaries or get baptized, we were all just friends.

Then one day on the phone Kelly said "Jo and I want to talk to you and Eric. Can you come over Easter morning for breakfast then we can talk?" I knew something was up but was not sure what. We had a great breakfast then they sent the kids upstairs and went outside to talk. Joe started the conversation by saying "We really like you guys... you have been such great friends... we feel like we have been dishonest with you and need to come clean about something... " Then Joe and Kelly proceeded to tell us how they had been baptized into the mormon church several years ago. Joe had stopped attending shortly after but Kelly went for a few years by herself. They eventually decided that it was not for them and had spent the last 8 years trying to get as far away from the mormon church as possible. They had attended several non denominational churches but when they attended the LDS church they felt the spirit so strong and knew that was exactly what they were looking for.  They had a strong testimony of the Bible. They read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it. They took the lessons from the missionaries. Their daughters were baptized and today Eric and I were able to be in the temple as their family was sealed together for time and all eternity. It was the best day ever!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Say WHAT???

"You are always holding my baby. You NEVER let me hold him" Lucy screaming at me
"I need to feed him right now and you are physically unable to feed him" Me
"Fine, but when you are done I get my baby back!" Lucy
"Just so you know... I am the mom and this is my baby. You are his sister and I love all your help and he loves you, but I am the mom and need to take care of him." Me
"You are so rude!" Lucy as she stormed out of the room

 "I don't like the naked photos." Eric
"But that's how everybody does newborn photos... so you can see their cute little bodies." Me
"...And most people drink beer while watching sports, that dosent mean I have to." Eric

"Keaton dosent have a bootie yet, he just has a tooshie." Lucy

I was giving Keaton a bath and Ruby and Lucy were intensely watching everything.
 "Mom, when is THAT thing going to go away?" Ruby
"What thing?" Me
"That wrinkled thing behind the penis." Ruby
"Are you talking about his scrotum? ... That never goes away" Me
"What happens to it as he grows up?" Ruby
"It just grows bigger as his body grows bigger." Me
Long pause
"That is just disturbing to me, really disturbing." Ruby shaking her head, looking disgusted

"Here Haley, you can hold Keaton now." Lucy
"What???... you always want to hold him and hog him to yourself." Haley
"Ya, but when he's asleep he's lame." Lucy

"You need to wear a bra Ruby." Haley
"Today is my break of bra day" Ruby
"You should never have a break of bra... if you don't believe me you should come see my lunch room attendant." Haley

"Keaton's head always smells like mexican chips when I kiss it" Lucy

"Did someone toot, or is that Thai food I smell?" Haley

While at our neighbors house(retired couple no kids at home) for dinner,  Lucy was talking about how much Keeter loves taking a bath and she said "Sometimes he makes bubbles and sometimes he even shoots his squirt gun!".

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thursday, January 05, 2012


"The cleaning ladies make me mad. They always put my pillow on the wrong side. When I grow up and I'm a cleaning lady, I'm going to put their pillows on the wrong side of their bed. 

Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Years!

Haley was at a party, Eric was chaperoning a youth dance so the girls and I had a little movie night with "fireworks" to welcome in the new year.

 Ruby, Charlie, Addie, Lucy and Riley

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