Friday, January 05, 2007

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's 100 things about themselves so I too decided to do one about myself. It was hard to come up with 100, but here they are:
Who's That Girl? ( Insert Annie Lennox singing)
1. I have a hard time being serious.
2. I love to laugh.
3. I do not eat red meat as a result of my Grandfather taking me to a slaughter house to pick up dinner when I was 8 years old.
4. I do not like Doctors and avoid them at all costs. (except for the one I sleep with).
5. I was one of several on the cover of Richard Simmons 1983 album "Reach".

Front row center, little blond girl reaching in front of her face.

6. Someday I want my own sewing room.
7. I drive fast and take corners too hard.
8. I love telling stories, but hate writing them down. Blogging is good therapy for me.
9. I have had three c sections.
10. I talk to my Sister on the phone every day.
11. One of the best things in my life is my husband, I love that guy.
12. I love fabric. I love making things with fabric. I love collecting fabric. I love holding fabric. I love touching fabric. I love smelling fabric. Okay, I have gone too far.
13. I have tons of uncompleted projects right now and several in my head I can't wait to start.
14. I am reliable.
15. I have never felt that I am smart, but I think I do a decent job convincing people I am.
16. I love to eat corn bread with honey butter.
17. I love to kiss the top of my girl’s noses.
18. I was a total "valley girl", growing up in the San Fernando valley, in fact a missionary in our ward taped me talking to send home to his family.

19. As a "valley girl" I hung out at the Glendale Galleria in my CBH- Camp Beverly Hills shirts.
20. I swam competitively in High School and made it to City championships.
21. I did not make it as a cheerleader- I have no rhythm.
22. I love to dance with my girls, but will not dance in front of others.
23. I have a constant feeling of gratitude for my many blessings.
24. I would rather water-ski then snow ski any day.
25. Watching the 4th of July fireworks from a boat on Lake Arrowhead has been my favorite tradition for as long as I can remember.
26. Watching my Husband and 3 girls watch the fireworks from a boat on Lake Arrowhead was a dream come true.
27. I still miss my Father who died 14 years ago.

28. I love a clean house but hate to clean.
29. I hate smog.
30. I modeled as a child. I was worked for Mattel(Barbie boxes), Kodak print work and others.

31. I burned off all the eyelashes on one eye with a curling iron while waiting for a photo shoot.
32. I loved living in New Orleans.
33. I love Mardi Gras.
34. I am a horabul speler
35. My sewing machine makes me giddy.
36. I am not easily offended (unless # 85 applies).
37. I have traveled to Russia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Checkoslavakia, Germany, England, Canada and Mexico.
38. I am 5 ft 6 in tall
39. I love In and Out Burger, they have a great grilled cheese with grilled onions.
40. I love being around people, it makes me happy.
41. I love doing craft projects with my kids.
42. I am terrible at saying goodbye and avoid it if possible.
43. I love animals.
44. I have to eat something sweet after every meal…dessert is best but it usually ends up being gum.
45. I have a hard time with moderation.
46. I love to scuba dive.
47. I think about scuba diving when I can't sleep.
48. I say "holy cow" a lot
49. I love change but hate transition.
50. I say "Get out of the kitchen" a lot

51. I had my braces go through my upper lip in an accident.
52. I never wear lipstick because of the scar.
53. I drink lots of ice water.
54. I have bad allergies and sinus problems.
55. I have a peeling skin condition on my hands and feet (Dyshidrotic Eczema).
56. I love going to the beach.
57. I love reading blogs, but am not so good at commenting.
58. I like bright, loud Pjs.
59. Somehow I manage to be frugal and wasteful at the same time.
60. I have not had a hair cut or color since June.
61. I am happy that our Disneyland passes expired yesterday. You can have too much of a good thing.
62. I cry when I watch the Olympics.
63. I am blind without contacts.
64. I have a ton of dental work.
65. I am afraid of heights.
66. I love red hots.
67. I want to adopt a child or children.
68. I like country music.
69. I like to sing to Broadway musicals in the car.
70. When my husband tells me about something sad at the hospital, I say a prayer for the person or family when I hang up the phone.
71. I do not like scary movies or TV shows.
72. I like mindless entertainment.
73. I am currently going through withdrawal for Grey’s Anatomy.
74. I have a bum fetish.
75. I make lists for everything.
76. I /We almost never eat out.
77. I worked for Sundance Catalog for 6 years as their Inventory Purchasing Manager.
78. I love artwork and sell things and sacrificed to be able to buy pieces I like.
Louise Richards Farnsworth

79. I want to have Lee Bennion paint my daughters portraits...someday.
80. I love Balboa Island.
81. I took 4 years of Spanish in High School and college.
82. I wish I could speak Spanish.
83. I love mint chip ice cream.
84. I love John Mayer’s music, although I have a hard time looking at him.
85. I am not nice when pregnant, nursing or PMSing.
86. I smile at strangers.
87. I love all fruit.
88. I don't like taking dinner to people.
89. I like dark Chocolate, I tolerate milk chocolate.
90. I sweat when I am nervous.
91. I am impatient.
92. I think I am bipolar- my husband assures me I am not.
93. Family is very important to me.
94. I love onions.
95. I think tomatoes are of the devil.
96. I love to quilt.
97. I have no clue what is "in" and what is "out" in regards to clothing.
98. I wear sunglasses all the time.
99. I had a great childhood.
100. I have a great life.


Jill said...

This is a great list Chanel, of course I didn't know any of these things about you.

I went on a field trip to a meat packing plant in high school (because we were reading The Jungle by Upton Sinclair)so I stopped eating red meat for a long time after that. I can't remember when I started again, but I love it now.

I love John Mayer's music too, but he contorts too much when he sings so I don't like to watch him either.

I don't like scary movies or tv shows either. I can't even look at the screen when they show scary previews at the theater.

Elizabeth said...

What a great list.
I stopped eating red meat as a young child also.
I grew up in So Cal and I loved the In and Out Grilled Cheese.
I say, The Kitchen Is Closed a lot.

Tasha said...

I love mint choc chip ice cream too!
I didn't know you wanted to adopt.
I also LOVE Balboa Island. Last time we were there I looked at all the real estate flyers and day dreamed of living there part of the year and just writing!

Jordan said...

I loved your list. I love to kiss the bridge of my kids' noses! So fun to get to know you this way! I am getting close to being convinced to write my own 100 list.

Jenny said...

Oh, I could write a whole other list for you. I am suprised you didn't add after being blind that you broke your foot and were on crutches for 6 weeks. Because you went down the stairs without your glasses in the dark! What about your love for cheese puffs, ritual popcorn each night with a HUGE glass of water?? Okay I'll stop.

There were only a few I didn't know. I didn't know you were on the cover of Richard Simmons. My friend a celebrity? I can still picture that video you showed of me with your braces and HUGE hair on t.v. Wasn't it Regis & Kathy?

Reading your list makes me wish you still lived next door!

Allison said...

Great list Ms. Chanel! I learned so much more about you. I am so glad that I can say that I know someone famous.

rebecca said...

Loved your list! I enjoyed reading about Lee Bennion. What a treasure it would be to own one of her pieces. Do you have one?

Kristi Brooke said...

chanel this was awesome. i think i am bipolar too, you must know more about what jeff does than I do, you famous model you, i love the valley girl photo.
thanks so much for writing this i loved reading it.

Liz said...

Chanel, I loved your list!! I love totouch noses with my kids, and before kids, I used to and still do this with Ben. I think I need a towel like yours, because I say "get out of the kitchen" alot too!

annalisa said...

Another swimmer! That's like totally rad :). (I say like way more than I like to admit.)
I prefer dark chocolate and I love mint chocolate chip ice cream and red hots too. I'm jealous of all the European countries you visited. Someday.

Anna said...

Hey Chanel...I am friends with Jenny from San Antonio (husbands residencies and same ward)...anyway, I wanted to find out where you grew up in the valley. I grew up in Canoga Park, but moved to AZ when I was 10 (went to the same H.S. as Jenny), but I have 5 older siblings that were basically raised in CA. Were you close to there?

Chanel said...

Rebecca- I don't own a Lee Bennion, she has always been more then I could swing. I talked to her about doing a painting of my girls and she gave me a quote... not gonna happen anytime soon.

I grew up in Valley Village(between Sherman Oaks and North Holywood). Canoga Park is not far, about 30 min down the 101. At least it was about 30 min, now with traffic it could be a lot longer.

ShawnaB. said...

Great list!!! A Richard Simmon's album? Very nice. We have much in common and I was reminded all over again how fascinating and wonderful I think you are!!!

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