Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

When I was younger my Sister and I used to wear ties and white shirts to church on Sunday to honor our dad. Today the girls all wore bow ties to honor their amazingly awesome dad.

Happy Fathers day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alpacas and Emus oh my!

We have been going on some serious animal adventures recently...

Have you ever gotten to love all over an alpaca? These kids could not stop. They are so soft and this female Camilee was so loving they all could not keep their hands off her.

Ruby loved her hair style but said her breath stunk and she kept burping. Ok, so not the best hygiene or social graces but with those sweet eyes... who cares!

We even got to see some babies that were born last Wednesday. Of course the mom would not let us get close to them, but even from a distance they were so stinkin cute!

A few weeks ago we went on an awesome tour of a Emu farm. Emu's are such fascinating creatures we were all totally loving it and everyone kept asking more and more questions. The kids are still talking about all the things they learned about Emu's. We purchased some huge blue emu eggs that are so cool.

If you whistle they go crazy and do a really funny dance. The kids were all cracking up at their dance moves. You can the view us us getting them to do their funky dance here.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bring on the goats!

After 12 weeks of waiting we finally got to go pick up our goats today!

The breeder let me know that last night she sectioned them away from their moms. Then this morning she gave them all their shots and tagged their ears so they were not happy girls. When we got there she gave Eric a lesson on how to trim their hoofs.

How do you transport 4 girls and 3 goats... A minivan of course!

****Warning- If you ever find yourself in this situation it is not a good idea to stop by Costco for fruit smoothies on the way. Girls that desperately need to use the bathroom holding mad goats on their laps is not fun for anyone.

Here is a little video clip of how funny their bleat sounds...

Right after they were freed from the mini van. They were kinda freaking out wondering what was going on.

Fluffy (Lucy's), Coco (Ruby's) and Zaza (Haley's)

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